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Foot Traumas and Fractures

A broken bone. A pulled muscle. A sprained tendon. Traumatic injuries often occur when you least expect them, and they can make your life miserable—especially when they happen to your feet or ankles.

Foot fractures need prompt treatmentBecause your feet are your foundation and your entire body depends on them to accomplish almost every daily task, a lower limb injury can put your entire life on hold for weeks or longer. Even in cases where you might still be able to stand or walk for short periods, the pain can be intolerable and shut you out of activities you used to enjoy.

If you fracture your feet or suffer any other kind of foot or ankle trauma, you need quick, comprehensive, and effective care. At Family Foot & Ankle Center, we specialize in a wide range of treatments and solutions for foot and ankle trauma and can help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Common Traumas and Sports Injuries

Although not a complete list, the following conditions are among those we see and treat frequently at Family Foot & Ankle Center. Click on the condition to learn more about each one.

Helping You Heal

At Family Foot & Ankle Center, we know that every condition and every patient is different. Our compassionate, comprehensive, and skillful approach to trauma care is based on listening to our patients, understanding where they are coming from, and offering effective treatment options to meet the specific needs of their condition and lifestyle.

Not all foot fractures and traumas will require a surgery. In many cases, we’re able to help you get better through conservative remedies like rest, physical therapy, or immobilization with a cast or walking boot. Your body has an incredible capacity to heal itself, provided the proper protections are in place.

For more complicated or unstable fractures, or certain traumatic injuries such as tendon ruptures, surgery is often necessary. If this is your situation, rest assured that our team of experienced foot and ankle surgeons will have your condition well in hand. We specialize in a wide variety of advanced surgical techniques, including internal and external fixation, foot and ankle reconstruction, total joint replacement, and more.

If you experience a foot or ankle injury out on the field, at your job, or anywhere else, make sure you get off your feet immediately and give Family Foot & Ankle Center a call at (888) 689-3317. We are southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky’s foot and ankle experts and will treat you with the highest quality care. We have six convenient locations to serve you.

Dr. Cynthia Miller
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Dr. Cynthia Miller is a board certified podiatrist who has been established in the Cincinnati area since 2004.