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Questions About Broken Feet

When your pain leaves you immobile and dependent on others, it’s normal that you have questions and lots of them! Check out our FAQ to get answers to some of the top questions people have about foot and ankle pain in Ohio.

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  • Can I treat a broken toe at home?

    Some broken toes may resolve with home care. However, we still do urge you to come in for an assessment, especially if you’re having difficulty walking, pain is severe, or symptoms don’t improve within a couple of days. A broken toe that doesn’t heal properly can cause complications down the road.

    Broken toeTypical home-based treatments for a broken toe include:

    • Resting the foot, avoiding strenuous exercise
    • Elevating the foot
    • Using ice and/or over-the-counter painkillers in moderation
    • Taping a broken toe to a neighboring healthy toe for stability

    However, as we mentioned, it’s still important to see the doctor before taking treatment into your own hands. We may need to provide additional care, for example repositioning the bone manually, providing a cast or walking boot, or in severe cases performing surgery.

    If your toe hurts and is getting in the way of daily activities, please call Family Foot & Ankle Center for an evaluation. You can reach us to schedule at any of our Cincinnati area offices by calling (888) 689-3317.

  • How will I know if my midfoot is sprained or broken?

    In a Lisfranc sprain, only ligaments (commonly the Lisfranc ligament) in the midfoot are damaged. Bones remain unbroken and in place. This type of injury is still stable, and a conservative treatment featuring a period of rest and immobilization may be all you need.

    If the bones are broken or dislocated, however, pain may be more intense, with greater difficulty bearing weight. You may even notice an unnatural widening of the foot in this case. These injuries almost always require surgery to repair and realign (or in some cases even fuse) the bones and joints.

    Unfortunately, a midfoot sprain can very easily turn into a dislocation or fracture if not treated promptly, as the weakened ligament will no longer reliably hold the bones in place. If you suspect any Lisfranc injury, whether a sprain or fracture, call Family Foot and Ankle Center right away at (513) 728-4800 or (859) 282-1572. Even relatively minor midfoot injuries can cause debilitating pain and carry long-term consequences, so expert care is recommended as soon as possible.