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Get Valuable Tips About Your Foot and Ankle Pain

If you are tired of living with foot and ankle pain, you’re probably looking for tips to help get relief. Look through these blog posts with helpful guidance and advice from our Cincinnati podiatrists.

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  • Why You Should Forget Flip-Flops on a Full-Time Basis Flip-flops may be iconic for summer, but they are not designed for giving your feet a fun time. Family Foot & Ankle Center discusses the downsides of flip-flops and what to look for in summer footwear.
  • February Fun Around Cincy Before you step into your February winter plans, we are here to give you some great tips on how you can ensure your feet are kept healthy, warm and happy throughout your ventures.
  • Fall Football Fun (and Foot Protection!) Football season can be an exciting time for many families, and the last thing you want is a foot or ankle injury putting your rising star on the sidelines. The staff of Family Foot & Ankle Center have tips for sports injury prevention.
  • Are You Ready for Summer, Cincinnati? Our city has tons of great festivals and events this summer. But are your feet up to the challenge?
  • Taste of Cincinnati Tips Looking to make the most of Taste of Cincinnati this Memorial Day weekend? So are we! A few need-to-know tips from Greater Cincinnati’s expert podiatric team.
  • Best Shoes and Socks for Diabetic Feet The team at Family Foot & Ankle Center in Cincinnati offers tips about the best socks and shoes to wear if you have diabetes.
  • When Should My Older Loved One See a Podiatrist Knowing when to see a podiatrist is important at all ages, and especially as we become older. Dr. Miller discusses senior foot care so you can stay healthy!
  • Why Should I See a Podiatrist? Dr. Cynthia Miller discusses some of the potential reasons why you might want to see a podiatrist.
  • How to Choose Shoes for an Active Lifestyle Learn how to choose shoes for an active lifestyle from Dr. Cynthia Miller and the team at Family Foot & Ankle Center.
  • Arthritis Surgery The team at Family Foot & Ankle Center provides effective arthritis surgery procedures when conservative care is not enough.
  • Winter Skin Care Tips Winter can be tough on feet, with dry indoor heat, sweaty shoes and boots, and cold temperatures all posing risks.
  • 5 Tips to Keep Your Feet Warm The team at Family Foot & Ankle Center shares tips for keeping your feet warm and safe during the cold winter months.
  • Guide to Properly Fitting Shoes Not sure how to get the best fit for your feet? Read our quick guide to properly fit your shoes
  • Stay Active to Prevent Peripheral Artery Disease A healthy lifestyle is the best antidote for narrowing arteries and reduced blood flow to the feet and legs
  • Healing A Broken Foot or Ankle Various methods to treat and heel broken bones in the feet and ankles may be selected depending on the injury, explains Family Foot & Ankle Center.
  • How to Fix A Collapsed Arch Years of wear and tear can cause a foot arch to collapse, but Family Foot and Ankle Center in Cincinnati can rebuild flat feet with reconstructive surgery.
  • Fixing Charcot Foot Treatment for Charcot foot varies depending on the extent of the damage. Family Foot & Ankle Center in Cincinnati explain the process.
  • The Benefits of Yoga for Feet and Ankles The ancient discipline of yoga can provide many benefits for sore, aching, or unstable feet and ankles, say the experts at Family Foot & Ankle Center.
  • Why Rehab is so Important Rehab is a crucial part of any recovery plan—the surgery may fix the bone or joint, but stretching and exercise help you get it back to 100%.
  • Exploring How Feet Change as They Age Feet tend to get wider, drier, and flatter as they age, along with other changes. Family Foot and Ankle Center explores and explains these evoluitions.