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When Should My Older Loved One See a Podiatrist

When you were a kid, you probably couldn’t wait to grow up so you could be able to drive, have a cool job, and do whatever you want. Somewhere along the line, you likely had to come to grips with the facts – most driving is a chore, you have many responsibilities you need to do, and very few people become actors, athletes, and rock stars!

senior couple with caregiverAging might not be as fun as the younger version of you had envisioned, but there are still certainly many ways to enjoy an adult life, even in the golden years. For you or your aging loved ones, this all starts with physical health and how well you maintain your body (the only one you get). Of course, your foot health is instrumental in keeping you mobile and independent, which gives you the opportunities to do the activities you love doing. We want you to have every opportunity possible, so let’s look at when it’s time to come see us for senior foot care and how our podiatrists can help.

To start, it’s worth noting that—as with patients of any age—seniors should come to see us as soon as they are aware of any foot or ankle problem. Early treatment is always best for optimal healing and recovery. Further, allowing a problem to go unaddressed can potentially lead to unnecessary escalation in pain and loss of functionality.

Beyond seeing us for existing problems, here are four reasons seniors should see a podiatrist at one of our six offices:

  • Assistance in creating an exercise program. The benefits of exercise are countless, including treating arthritis (a common problem that can develop when we age). Before jumping into an exercise program, however, it is best to seek the counsel of trained medical professionals. Make sure to consult with your primary care physician and one of our doctors to ensure you—and your feet—are ready for increased physical activity!
  • Toenail care. Many seniors develop ingrown toenails on account of improper trimming practices. This can certainly cause pain and discomfort, but it also opens the door for various types of infections. We can help by providing instructions on proper toenail trimming techniques. Further, we also provide toenail-trimming services for those who are physically unable to do so themselves.
  • Hygiene education. Tying in with the previous reason for visiting one of our doctors, we can also provide instructions on how to prevent fungal toenails (which have an increased risk in later years) and properly washing your feet for optimal health.
  • Diabetic foot care services. Diabetes is a condition affecting the body in many different ways. It’s easy to think about kidney disease, heart attacks, blindness, and other medical problems, but it is a serious mistake to look past the effects it can have on your feet. Charcot foot (a severe deformity which can be thought of as “an amputation waiting to happen”) and diabetic foot ulcers (which have a higher mortality rate than many prominent cancers) are two major reasons diabetic foot care is essential.
Family Foot & Ankle Center offers comprehensive foot care services, for patients of all ages! If you or one of your loved ones is reaching an advanced age and could use some help keeping feet healthy, we are here for you. Connect with us today by filling out our online contact form or speak with one of our friendly team members by calling (513) 728-4800.
Dr. Cynthia Miller
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Dr. Cynthia Miller is a board certified podiatrist who has been established in the Cincinnati area since 2004.
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