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Running with Achilles Tendon Problems

There are no shortages of places to go for a run in Cincinnati, from scenic trails like Winton Woods or Fernbank Park, to make-your-own urban routes, and everything in between. If you’re prone to struggling with stiffness, swelling, or pain from Achilles tendonitis, however, you might need a little help to get you in shape to enjoy your runs again and prevent future problems.

First things first—don’t keep trudging along and ignoring the pain. Visit Family Foot and Ankle Center for a diagnosis and treatment plan. Continuing to beat up your tendon can lead to long-term consequences; we’ll set you up with any stretches, physical therapy, orthotics, or whatever else you might need to fully heal.

When you’re cleared to get back on the road, make sure you do so smartly. Start with your footwear. Putting too many miles on a blown-out pair of sneakers is a great way to get hurt. Make sure your running shoes are in good repair (they should be replaced after about 300-500 miles for most runners), fit correctly, and provide the support and cushioning you need. Opting for a more traditional style with a slightly raised heel helps relieve pressure from a tight Achilles, too. The experts at a specialty store, like Bob Roncker’s Running Spot, will help you find the right pair for your foot shape.

Next, pick your route wisely. Cincinnati is world-famous for its undulating terrain, but uphill running is particularly stressful for a damaged Achilles tendon. Stick to flatter circuits while recovering from a frayed tendon.

Finally, while we know you love to run (and we know it is good for you), you can have too much of a good thing. Cross-training is your answer. Instead of putting in mega-miles multiple times per week, mix in aerobic exercise that’s easier on your feet and joints. Replacing some of those miles with laps at the pool or a bike ride provides a nice change of pace and gives your tendon time to rest and recover.

When a sore Achilles tendon is keeping you from the trail, call Family Foot and Ankle Center. Our experienced podiatrists share your passion and strive to help you and your tendons stay healthy and pain free. To schedule an appointment at one of our six offices, call us toll free at 888-689-3317.

Dr. Cynthia Miller
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Dr. Cynthia Miller is a board certified podiatrist who has been established in the Cincinnati area since 2004.
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