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Get Informed and Get Relief by Browsing Through Our Library of Articles on Foot and Ankle Pain in Kentucky and Ohio

The first step toward treatment is learning more about what’s causing you pain. Get the information to start your healing by looking through our library of articles from your Kentucky and Cincinnati podiatrists. With the information you find here, you can learn how to care for your feet and avoid injury.

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  • Senior Foot Care Tips The doctors of Family Foot and Ankle Center in Cincinnati discuss how feet change as we age, and address the essentials of senior foot care.
  • Achilles Tendinitis Although painful, Achilles tendinitis usually responds well to home treatment if caught early, according to the doctors at Family Foot and Ankle Center.
  • Claw Toe Claws are normal for a bird, but if you notice your toes beginning to form a talon-like arch, visit Family Foot and Ankle Center before symptoms worsen.
  • Mallet Toes Don’t let your feet get pounded by painful mallet toes. The experts at Family Foot and Ankle Center in Cincinnati discuss this common foot deformity.
  • Fighting Foot Cramps Foot cramps happen when muscles won’t relax, usually due to fatigue or a lack of vital nutrients. Family Foot and Ankle Center walks through the basics.
  • Capsulitis: Second Toe Pain When the ligaments supporting your toe joint get stresses, capsulitis pain is the common result. Family Foot and Ankle Center of Cincinnati explains.
  • The Ins and Outs of Flat Feet Flat feet is relatively common and usually does not require treatment. If you do experience pain, though, give Family Foot and Ankle Center a call.
  • Living with Arthritis Arthritis can cause stiff, painful joints, but it doesn’t have to keep you from living a healthy and active life, says Family Foot and Ankle Center.
  • Common Sports Injuries Shin splints, stress fractures, strains, and sprains are just some of the common sports injuries diagnosed and treated by Family Foot and Ankle Center, Inc.