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How to Get Healthy Skin and Nails

If you are tired of living with foot and ankle pain, you’re probably looking for tips to help get relief. Look through these blog posts with helpful guidance and advice from our Cincinnati podiatrists.

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  • How to Get Rid of Fungal Toenails—For Good Fungal toenails can be extremely frustrating and challenging to get rid of. But with patience, discipline, and effective treatment options from Family Foot & Ankle Center, you can finally be rid of them!
  • How to Prevent Toenail Fungus This Summer There is so much to enjoy in the summer. You should not let toenail fungus or worries of getting it rain on your joy! Family Foot & Ankle Center has some summer advice.
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Winter Socks A nice pair of winter socks can make some welcome comfort or a colorful statement, but are the kinds you have best for your feet? The experts at Family Foot & Ankle Center discuss the best qualities of winter footwear.
  • Fungal Nail Conditions Made Easy Do you know enough about fungal toenails to prevent a case from happening, or what to do if you already have one? The doctors at Family Foot & Ankle Center in Cincinnati have the info!
  • Pamper Your Feet Your feet work hard for you. So don’t forget to shower them with some love once in a while! Learn more about how to give yourself a relaxing foot massage, make your own foot soaks, and more!
  • How To Remove Odor From Smelly Shoe Knowing how to remove odor from smelly shoes is invaluable! Learn tips to treat shoe odor from the professionals at Family Foot & Ankle Center.
  • Risk Factors for Plantar Warts Knowing the various risk factors for plantar warts can help you take measures to lower your risk, says Dr. Cynthia Miller at Family Foot & Ankle Center.
  • Don’t Wait for Sandal Weather to Deal with Toenail Fungus The experts at Family Foot & Ankle Center in Cincinnati, OH explain why you should seek treatment for fungal toenails early—it takes time to clear!
  • Don’t Let Winter Cold Dry Out Your Feet Winter is “dry feet” season for many Cincinnatians. Help prevent parched skin by making a few simple routine changes, says Family Foot and Ankle Center.
  • At-Home Wart Treatment Although they have mixed success rates, OTC treatments and duct tape might help remove a stubborn plantar wart, says Family Foot and Ankle Center, Inc.